Mohs surgery is the most effective technique in the treatment of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is performed by a surgeon with specialized training and offers the greatest cure rate of any skin cancer therapy.


How Does the Procedure Work?

During a Mohs surgery, a patient is awake and conscious during the process, which will take place in the clinic. The surgeon performing Mohs surgery will initially do a comprehensive evaluation of the area with the biopsy-proven skin cancer. The surgeon will then mark out the clinical edges of the malignancy. To ensure comfort during the procedure, the area will be numbed with local anesthetic.

The surgeon will begin by removing the apparent skin cancer. Following that, the patient will be bandaged and wait in the patient room while the surgeon evaluates the tissue in an in-house laboratory. During this process, the surgeon will examine the margins of the specimen under a microscope to see if all the malignancy has been removed.

If the cancer has completely been removed, the surgeon will discuss wound closure options with the patient. If the Mohs surgeon finds additional malignancy while looking in the microscope, the surgeon will take more skin that is positive for the skin cancer, while sparing the cancer-free skin. This procedure is repeated as needed to guarantee complete removal of the skin malignancy.


What to Expect After Your Mohs Surgery?

The recovery period for Mohs surgery is mostly determined on the size of the skin malignancy and its location. If the spread of skin cancer was minimal, the wound may be permitted to heal on its own for a short period of time. If sutures or a skin graft are required, some at-home care will be required for weeks until the wound heals completely.

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