Mohs surgery is the most effective technique in the treatment of skin cancer. Mohs surgery is performed by a surgeon with specialized training and offers the greatest cure rate of any skin cancer therapy.


Why Get Mohs Surgery Billings?

This surgery is a common method to treat skin cancer Billings Montana. This can treat cancers such as basal, squamous, and other melanoma.

It is a preferred choice for patients who have a very high risk of cancer returning after treatment. Moreover, it helps keep the areas as healthy as possible, so you can use it for places where you want the tissue to be very healthy.

If your cancer is large and grows quickly, then you are a candidate for Mohs surgery Billings.


How Does the Mohs Dermatology Procedure Work?

During a Mohs dermatology surgery, a patient is awake and conscious during the process, which will take place in the clinic. The surgeon performing mohs surgery will initially do a comprehensive evaluation of the area with the biopsy-proven skin cancer. The surgeon will then mark out the clinical edges of the malignancy. To ensure comfort during the procedure, the area will be numbed with local anesthetic.

The mohs surgeon will begin by removing the apparent skin cancer. Following that, the patient will be bandaged and wait in the patient room while the surgeon evaluates the tissue in an in-house laboratory. During this process, the mohs doctor will examine the margins of the specimen under a microscope to see if all the malignancy has been removed.

If the cancer has completely been removed, the surgeon will discuss wound closure options with the patient. If mohs surgeon finds additional malignancy while looking in the microscope, the surgeon will take more skin that is positive for the skin cancer, while sparing the cancer-free skin. This procedure is repeated as needed to guarantee complete removal of the skin malignancy.


How To Prepare For Mohs Dermatology Surgery?

If you plan to get Mohs surgery, you must prepare for it accordingly. Here are all the things you need to do to prepare for mohs dermatology surgery:

  • Eat
    While it is not okay to eat before other surgeries, it is a good idea to eat before a Mohs surgery so you can keep your energy levels up.
  • Keep Something to Entertain You
    You don't know how long it will take for the surgery, so it is best to have something with you that can help you kill time easily. A book or a magazine is a good idea, or you can watch a movie.
  • Be Comfortable
    Since it will take a long time, it is best to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing. You can wear multiple layers to keep yourself warm if it is cold.
  • Free Up Your Schedule
    Do not line up tasks after your surgery, as you don’t know exactly how long it will take. It is best to keep your schedule clear so you do not have to worry about other tasks.
  • Avoid Certain Medication
    Tell the doctor all the medicines you take so they can tell you whether you need to stop taking them before your surgery or whether they can cause any harm.


What Are The Risks Involved?

Every kind of medical procedure comes with different risks. Although the risks of this surgery is very minimal, they can include excessive bleeding, pain in the area of surgery, or an infection.

Other uncommon risks include numbness caused by the cutting of nerve endings. There may be a permanent weakness in the surgical areas. This can happen if a muscle nerve is cut during the mohs dermatology surgery.

The surgery might even leave a large scar, and you may have to suffer shooting pain.


When Do I Receive My Results?

The best part about Mohs surgery is that you receive the results immediately. Mohs doctors will not let you leave until they have removed all of the cancer. Make sure that you choose the right doctor to help you with your Mohs surgery.

Take your time; schedule an appointment right away and come to Yellowstone Dermatology Associates to get your Mohs surgery.


What to Expect After Your Mohs Surgery Billings?

The recovery period for Mohs surgery is mostly determined on the size of the skin malignancy and its location. If the spread of skin cancer was minimal, the wound may be permitted to heal on its own for a short period of time. If sutures or a skin graft are required, some at-home care will be required for weeks until the wound heals completely.

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